'The Bachelor' 2017 Spoilers: Why Does Nick Viall Get Slapped By Josephine?

'The Bachelor' 2017 Spoilers: Why Does Nick Viall Get Slapped By Josephine?

The women gather for a photo shoot with Nick, and they all have a pool party soon afterward.

Nick then went back to the women and told them that he'd met Liz at Jade and Tanner's wedding, that they had slept together, and BOOM - episode over. Olympios is determined to get Nick Viall and has already made some enemies in the process. Needless to say, it stuns her competition and definitely gets a reaction from Nick because she winds up getting the group date rose. "I just submitted a picture and wrote a little paragraph, like whatever". Today was just a dream come true.

"I think Nick really enjoyed his time with me". "Dad would be proud, even though I was naked". If Nick didn't already have his doubts about Liz, her indiscretion is enough to let her go.

Not so wasted that she forgot about Nick; Viall, for his part, seemed to take a moment to remember where he'd seen her face before. Our time with her in Week 2 was very brief, but she quickly reminded us that she probably has a screw loose. "Sh*t got awkward... lot of intermittent sex and talking".

After getting upset on a wedding-themed group date, Olympios made a decision to get Viall's focus back on her by taking her top off in a racy pool photo shoot and putting his hands on her breasts.

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While Liz's admission leaves numerous women feeling perplexed, Nick is none too pleased with her actions. "Whatever preconceived notions the women have of me", Viall said during the premiere, "my hope is that they come in with a clean slate and an open mind". Out of everyone on this scene, at the same time she also feels like one of the few who is reasonably normal and has a job that you would see from people you would meet in actual life. Do we think that there would be some entertainment there? "Your carefree spirit matched mine and even standing before you in this very hard moment draws me in".

And we all know what happens at weddings. However, once they came to know him better, they realized he was honest about his feelings for her.

Later on in the date, Nick finally gave Liz the confrontation she's been dying for.

"[Your appearance on the show] certainly raised questions that I had". In case you've forgotten, she actually showed up on a camel and said, "Heard you like a good hump", to Nick. "I don't like phone conversations". Nick is suspicious of her motives and doesn't want her ruining his relationship with the other women. All six of them dump Nick over and over again with one girl going for extra credit and slapping the tuna salad out of him.

While the other women took this as a time to play pretend, Liz told Nick everything she needed to say about how she felt after their one-night stand.