French candidate leaks Obama call ahead of Sunday poll

French candidate leaks Obama call ahead of Sunday poll

Trump was referring to the French presidential election scheduled for April 23, now led by Nationalist Marine Le Pen and the pro-European Union Socialist Emmanuel Macron.

Le Pen has been caricatured as the French equivalent of Trump both because of her nationalist positions and perceived underdog status in the race.

"I think this election is sufficiently unstable that it could still move things", Jeanbart said. According to the recent opinion polls, Fillion is expected to receive 20% of the vote in the first round of the elections while Le Pen may gain 22%.

Winner: Will far right politicians like Marine Le Pen rise in popularity after the attacks in France? The outcome is being closely watched for signs that Europe is moving toward nationalist candidates who advocate the European Union's dissolution. French security is on high alert, expecting something to happen during the vote on Sunday.

The attack was swiftly claimed by militant Islamist group Islamic State.

As he often had during the president campaign, Trump ripped into the deal struck by Iran, the USA and other world powers in 2015 and said "it shouldn't have been signed".

Referring disparagingly to outgoing Socialist President Francois Hollande as "notoriously feeble", Le Pen said: "I only ask one last-ditch effort from him before leaving power: I solemnly ask him to effectively reinstate our borders".

Some of the candidates later clashed over whether official campaigning, which has just one more day to run, should be brought to a full stop in light of the incident. There have also been attacks on a satirical weekly and a kosher store.

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Voters in France go to the polls on Sunday in the first round of the presidential elections.

President Donald Trump says that the latest attack in Paris will have a "big effect" on France's upcoming presidential election.

Macron meanwhile took advantage of Monday's thwarted "imminent" attack in France to portray himself as the only candidate who can "guarantee" the security of the French people.

The candidate added that, if she is elected president of France, she "will immediately, and with no hesitation, carry out a battle plan against Islamist terrorism and against judicial laxity".

An attacker shot dead one policeman and injured two others in one of the most famous streets in the world, the Champs Elysees. There is no change at the top: centrist Emmanuel Macron leads with 23% and Le Pen is at 22%.

Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve accused Le Pen of trying to capitalise on the attack.

Following the arrests this week of two men suspected of preparing an "imminent violent attack" in Marseilles, Some 50,000 policemen and soldiers will be deployed for the two election rounds, French Interior Minister Matthias Fekl said. "Do not give in to fear, do not give in to division, do not give in to intimidation", he said.

Melenchon, who would hike taxes on the rich and spend 100 billion euros ($107 billion) of borrowed money on vast housebuilding and renewable energy projects, gained 1.5 points to 19.5 percent as he built further on momentum he has seen after strong performances in television debates.