May is Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month

Mental health is vital for a high quality of life, so what can we do to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and get people that are suffering the help they need? Afterwards, they were treated to a lunch donated by Cub Foods, as well as a message from 32-year-old jazz musician Sam Miltich of Grand Rapids, who has battled schizophrenia for 10 years.

NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, has released a new video series aimed at helping college bound students and their families talk about mental health.

At the federal level, the National Association on Mental Illness of Western Massachusetts is concerned how changes to the Affordable Care Act could impact services.

"We have the tools to help patients understand the treatments to help Sailors, Marines and our family members stay or become emotionally healthy to ensure mission readiness", said Capt. Gail H. Manos, senior mental health executive, Navy Medicine East. Miltich's appearance was made possible by the Evansville Art Center.

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This mental health policy breakfast was the first of Hampshire County and was co-sponsored by Cooley Dickinson Health Care and NAMI. The training provides the skills needed to provide initial help and support to someone who may be developing one of these concerns. "Note what barriers might come up when following through with this plan and problem-solve how to avoid them". "I think there's a recognition that mental health issues are on par with more-obviously organic issues", he said. "Often it's relatively small adjustments, such as flexible working or counselling, that are needed to make a big difference to people managing mental health issues at work".

In acknowledgement of Mental Health Awareness month, and in support of their clients, DATIS will be posting images with the hashtag #MHM2017 on their social media accounts.

Prime minister Theresa May has already pledged to expand legislation so that it better protects workers with mental health problems should the Conservatives win this June's general election.

"When you see certain patterns change in your child; you see grades suddenly fall down, you see him or her not having any friends, you see him or her mostly in his or her room, playing solo games or just kind of lying around; those are all signs of depression, said Dr. Grover". In these cases, she said talking with the child's teacher regularly can give parents a better picture of their behavior, since children spend so much of their time at school.