'Morning Joe' Crushes Newt Gingrich for Pushing 'Grotesque' Robert Mueller Conspiracy

'Morning Joe' Crushes Newt Gingrich for Pushing 'Grotesque' Robert Mueller Conspiracy

The former GOP House Speaker is doing the rounds of TV shows to promote his book "Understanding Trump". "After a moment of thought, he said, '$70 [million] to 80 million: that would be a yacht". "Newt, whatever you think you're getting in return for obsequiously sliming an American hero, I guarantee you it's not worth it. Stop". Comey has said three times I didn't do anything with the Russians.

"They're going to get somebody".

Gingrich also questioned the integrity of an investigation that involves special counsel Robert Mueller, but appeared to contradict himself on the investigation. Trump also nominated Gingrich's wife, Callista (left), to be the ambassador to the Vatican. The liberal hosts constantly tried to pin him in a corner but Gingrich kept his cool, even after the hosts denied basic facts regarding Clinton's email investigation.

Gingrich prefaced the Mueller accusation with a post that labeled Mueller as "the anti-Trump special counsel".

Newt Gingrich said the shooting at congressional Republicans' baseball practice is part of a pattern of "an increasing intensity of hostility on the left". While he repeatedly said it wasn't his place to say whether Trump's actions amounted to an obstruction of justice - an impeachable offense - he said he's "sure" that Mueller would investigate if they did. Gingrich was referring to a tweet by Trump on Friday that appeared to confirm that the president is under investigation in the Russian Federation probe. "His lawyer wants to take down Bob Mueller".

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He claimed he knew college students who said they had received death threats for saying they supported Trump, and also criticized comedian Kathy Griffin - who was roundly chastised for posing in a photograph holding a bloodied Trump head - and a NY production of the Shakespeare play Julius Caesar, which features a Trump-like Caesar. "They're essentially engaging in a scorched earth litigation strategy that is beginning with trying to discredit the prosecutor".

"The president can not obstruct justice", he said last week.

Gingrich was a vocal advocate for Trump during his campaign and at one time was considered for the vice president slot. "And is very pugnacious". He told Reuters in April, he had so many things going for him before he became president.

Gingrich reversed course from a month ago, when he tweeted praise of Mueller, calling him "a superb choice" to head the Russian Federation investigation. "But it's nearly like it's who he has been his whole life".