Anti-Buhari protesters troop out for fourth day

Anti-Buhari protesters troop out for fourth day

Obi said the president had fulfilled the constitutional requirements by transmitting letter to the national assembly and also transferred power to the acting president.

A group of anti-Buhari protesters led by entertainer, Charly Boy had demanded that the President resumes office or resign.

Keyamo, who described the protest as unpopular among Nigerians said protesters should have campaigned for the return and prosecution of looters and not an ill-President.

Where the Police suspect that hoodlums are trying to hijack a protest, it is their duty to apprehend the hoodlums and those who break the law rather than generalise and thus brutalize innocent protesters.

The protesters today converged at Unity Fountain, the same venue where a rival group of demonstrators under the hashtag, #ResumeorResign, had staged protests three days ago demanding the ailing president's immediate return to Nigeria or his resignation.

Three Kenyans killed in unrest after election tampering alleged
Two people were shot dead in Nairobi as they took advantage of the protests to steal, Nairobi police chief Japheth Koome said. Reports said one of the slain protesters was a young man that sustained a massive gunshot wound to the head.

The Senate called for a review of the police rules of engagement to conform with the principles of democracy as being practised in modern democracies.

It was gathered that during the acclaimed peaceful protest, the police, who unleashed over 30 dogs on the protesters, attacked Charly Boy and seven others.

The group was brutalised by the police on the second day of the protest with one person allegedly injured and hospitalized while Charly Boy reportedly collapsed as they were sprayed with teargas and water. "Beyond this, it is a throw-back to the dark era of police when they trampled on the rights of the citizenry considered to be in opposition to the government of the day", he added.

"It is important to note that poor handling of a small situation could degenerate", he said, urging the police to "do all that is necessary to avoid this in our national interest".