Facebook shuts down standalone app for teenagers, Lifestage

Facebook shuts down standalone app for teenagers, Lifestage

The limitations on its membership were meant to increase the privacy of its users, but content was public and there was no way to enforce the age rule.

Lifestage was Facebook's attempt to capture a chunk of teens who favored Snapchat, but Facebook has now chose to nix it, presumably because it didn't really work. But the app was not updated regularly, failed to reach the top charts in the App Store, and didn't have the same sophistication of tech as Snapchat. Content shared on Lifestage was always public, meaning anyone can view it. Lifestage was aimed at teenagers, and the app allowed them to form social networks with their classmates.

The app was created to help teens connect with other classmates at their school through the use of selfies and videos, as opposed to direct messaging. Facebook launched it in August 2016. A spokesperson said that Facebook has learned a lot from the app and will probably implement that knowledge into the main Facebook app somehow. Beyond Facebook-branded programs, the Snapchat-like mechanics from Lifestage can also be found in Instagram.

The move makes sense.

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It's not only Lifestage that received the axe.

FB has had much more success in taking Snapchat features and incorporating them into its existing Facebook and Instagram apps. Facebook said it's shutting down the app because it will be focusing more on groups in its main app and website.

The company is also removing its Facebook Groups app, which will no longer be available after September 1. All of your groups from this app will be available in the main Facebook app, where you can continue to connect with all your communities. What can you say about its shutdown?

Facebook has officially confirmed that Lifestage; a Snapchat-like feature it quietly launched a year ago will no longer be available. Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!