IPhone 8 Has A Notch And Bunny Ears

IPhone 8 Has A Notch And Bunny Ears

I found one of the most interesting features to be the glass back on each device.

The info comes courtesy once again of developer Steve Troughton-Smith and his exploration of the Apple HomePod firmware code, which is proving a veritable treasure trove of hints regarding the iPhone 8.

"I also think that the "7S" name would contribute to the notion that Apple's "S" phones are only modest updates, when the truth is that the S phones tend to get the bigger technical improvements", Gruber stated.

This supposedly slim-bezel design means the new all-screen front iPhone will have more display than usual, and we may now know how much. It is even larger than the iPhone 7 Plus' 5.5-inch display. The consistency of the copper, silver and black iPhone 8 dummy units shows that AAPL won't likely surprise anyone with an unseen design later this year. The iPhone 8 has a vertically aligned dual camera sensor while the 7S Plus has a similar horizontally aligned camera sensor as we saw in the iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 8's main innovation revealed

According to Apple blogger John Gruber, this is not going to happen because the company has been planning giving up on the "S" designation entirely and could instead go for simpler names, like iPhone, iPhone Plus, and iPhone Pro (for the OLED model). It goes to show how much bigger those larger bezels make the device.

Troughton-Smith has unearthed evidence that the virtual Home key may be re-sizeable and that the Function Area is arranged around it.

Luckily, Danny Winget has come out with a great video that pits the iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7S Plus. It is not as tall as the S8, but the aspect ratio of the two should be the same. It doesn't look like Apple will be abandoning those users any time soon either, as reports this week claim that an upgraded iPhone SE 2 is on the way.

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