The PC Version of Sonic Mania Has Been Delayed

The PC Version of Sonic Mania Has Been Delayed

PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One owners will still get their copy on-time, four days from now on August 15.

Sonic Mania was originally due to release on 15th August, unfortunately, it has suffered a delay, but thankfully not for too long.

"We are not going to put out a game that is not the best it can be", he added.

Since Sonic Mania is an officially published fan remix of 16-bit era Sonic games, it naturally taps into the Sonic of the 1990's and those first four games rather than later interpretations. Users who purchased the collector's edition will still receive their box on August 15, and the code inside will allow them to claim their copy of Sonic the Hedgehog. The previously announced Collector's Edition of Sonic Mania can be pre-ordered here for a limited time.

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Sega has released the opening animation video featured in Sonic Mania.

Sonic Mania has been delayed several times already, so this announcement certainly stings.

Not only do we get a look at a few badnik designs and the wireframe model used for Sonic, but we also learn that Amy Rose was planned to be playable. Players will be able to choose between playing Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles to defeat bosses and enemies.

You're not dreaming. Since the 90's, Sonic has advanced from the 2D world into 3D, and has crossed multiple platforms along the way.