Today's 'Google Doodle' celebrates the birth of hip-hop

Today's 'Google Doodle' celebrates the birth of hip-hop

This date has often been referred to as the "birth of hip hop". "The progression of this culture and sound - from Kool Herc spinning James Brown breaks at a block party to Jay-Z, Kanye West and Drake being some of the biggest forces in music 44 years later - is something that few people at that first party could have anticipated".

YouTube's global head of music, Lyor Cohen, said that today the world is celebrating a "cultural revolution that's spanned 44 years and counting". Meanwhile, the artistic work in today's Google Doodle is the work of a graffiti artist named Cey Adams. You have a fader that you can use to move across the two records, and you can use your finger, or mouse even, to hold and do a version of a scratch on the platters. Don't blame us if you get asked to have a meeting with Human Resources because you suddenly started shouting, "If you got a 50 dollar bill put your hands up", or "Single ladies... make noise". This is present on the "O" written in the graphic.

The doodle allows you to pick different hip hop tracks that you can mix with and you then take control of the decks. Google has provided slider controls too for this objective. Google Doodle came up with the most interactive set of turn tables ever.

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"We've never done a doodle like this before, both because of the technical challenges and the many voices and collaborators we wanted to include", stated on the internet Perla Campos of Google company. Music historians have also pointed to earlier records as arguably containing hip-hop's roots, but the 1973 party is generally accepted as the genre's seminal moment. The aim was to choose which artists would be featured in the webpage.

Google's Doodles started out as simple, contextual redesigns of the search engine's logo - in 2001, for example, Google celebrated the birth of painter Claude Monet with an impressionist version of its logo.