Tropical Depression Eight Is "Potential Threat"

Tropical Depression Eight Is

The depression would earn the name Gert when winds increase to 39 miles per hour.

Tropical Depression 8 formed over the western Atlantic Saturday night and is forecasted to strengthen into a tropical storm by Sunday night. It could act as a "shield" to the east coast if it does. Storm formation chance through 48 hours are near zero percent, and 20 percent over five days.

The environment around this storm is improving, with less wind shear and dry air, but these still not ideal conditions should keep Tropical Depression Eight from getting too strong.

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The next named storm that forms in the Atlantic will be Gert. It is expected to be pushed off to the east by a non-tropical system on Tuesday or Wednesday according to AccuWeather, and is not seen as a direct threat to the USA coast.

Tropical Depression Eight will take the alleyway in between those large-scale weather systems. 300 miles. Increased surf and rip current risks are likely the only impacts we will feel in the East.

The Atlantic hurricane season runs through November 30.