Abilene teacher appreciates education bills passed in special session

Abilene teacher appreciates education bills passed in special session

Transgender Texans can breathe a little easier today after the state legislature adjourned their special session without passing a so-called "bathroom bill".

As in North Carolina, scores of Texas businesses and moderate Republican lawmakers opposed the measure - including Straus, who has said the time spent on the bill was "absurd."

The session ended Tuesday with about half of Abbott's priorities having passed both the House and Senate to get to the governor's desk.

The Texas bills came a year after legislators in at least six states introduced bathroom bills aiming to restrict which bathrooms transgender and gender-nonconforming people are allowed to use in public and in schools. That bill died in the House.

"The legislation might be dead but the issue is still very much alive until it is solved at the state or federal level", said Rep. Ron Simmons (R-Carrollton), who authored the House bill.

Another bill signed into law by Abbott on Tuesday requires doctors and health care offices to report additional details about abortion complications State Sen.

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There's no way of telling whether the extra 27 hours or so of the special session would have made the bill or not, and thankfully, we don't really have to find out. After efforts to pass a stand-alone bill didn't advance, the Senate and the House previously attempted to use amendments to unrelated bills to push a version of the bathroom ban forward.

Under House Bill 214 standard insurance plans in the southern state will not cover abortions for fetal abnormalities, rape or incest - with women having to pay extra for more extensive annual coverage.

The measure, which was passed by the House last week and approved by the Senate on Sunday, is scheduled to take effect on December 1.

Blanco called the special session a "systematic failure of Republicans in representing the values of Texas". Smithee said that this bill was more about not forcing Texas to fund procedures they disagree with. "Hearing from trans folks, and our allies and our families over and over again, business leaders, and I think they just realised that it was not worth it", said Lou Weaver, transgender programs co-ordinator for Equality Texas, an LGBT rights group.

In its statement, ASAE thanked coalition members for advocating against several versions of the bathroom bill that emerged this year.

Straus' position was reinforced by a well-financed campaign by major corporations, including Texas-based energy companies Halliburton and ExxonMobil Global Services, which have said the bills would make it hard for them to recruit top talent. "And, we ask now that the Texas Legislature put this issue to rest so we can continue to pursue and grow the Texas economy that benefits us all".