CEOs react to Trump's Charlottesville shame

CEOs react to Trump's Charlottesville shame

The petition comes after news yesterday that Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, and Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank announced their resignations from Trump's manufacturing council over Trump's failure to adequately repudiate white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, VA this past weekend.

The White House came under fire after Trump refused to explicitly condemn white supremacists for their role in a violent protest Saturday in the southern state of Virginia.

"American leaders must honor our core values by rejecting clearly the manifestations of hatred, bigotry, and any claim of supremacy which deny the american ideal that all men were created equal", said Mr. Frazier, who is black, in a tweet circulated on the website of Merck.

"I resigned to call attention to the serious harm our divided political climate is causing to critical issues, including the serious need to address the decline of American manufacturing", Krzanich wrote in a blog post on Monday.

With the barb, Trump appeared to attack an industry executive who has tried to make drug pricing somewhat more transparent by revealing his company's overall drug price changes.

William Galston, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, said he couldnt “think of a parallel example” of any president responding as viciously as Trump to a CEO departing an advisory council.

"We must engage if we hope to change the world and those who lead it", he said in a statement.

Trump also asked at the time - a bit more diplomatically - that Merck and other drug companies seek to lower prices.

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Two more members of U.S. President Donald Trump's manufacturing council have stepped down. Republican and Democratic leaders, in a variety of ways, said Trump was wrong in his outlook and were far more adamant in their condemnation than the president has been.

He added: "Promoting American manufacturing should not be a political issue".

Trump on Tuesday praised and condemned those on "both sides" of the violence, winning praise from KKK supporters and other white supremacists.

Aug. 15: The next morning, the Alliance for American Manufacturing's Scott Paul resigned from the manufacturing group "because it's the right thing for me to do."On Aug. 16, he tweeted a quote from Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel:"We must always take sides".

They may share Trump's pro-business agenda, but find it hard to ignore his personal behavior, Ulrich said.

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk and Walt Disney chief executive Robert Iger quit the Trump administration's strategic and policy forum in June after the President announced the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate accord.

Trump still offers a "great opportunity" to disrupt Washington, D.C., and he does need to do not forget to always put the American people first, which he is doing, Reed said.

The president on Monday departed from New Jersey, where he has been staying for a working vacation during renovations at the White House, to meet with economic advisers in Washington before heading to Trump Tower in NY.