Govt's submission on triple talaq is attack on personal law, says AIMPLB

Govt's submission on triple talaq is attack on personal law, says AIMPLB

A section of All-India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) members have apprehended that the recent landmark verdict by Supreme Court banning instant triple talaq may be a precursor to "enforcement" of uniform civil code in the country.

"The government had laid bare its intention in the form of the Attorney General's submissions in the Hon'ble Supreme Court that all forms of dissolution of marriages without intervention of the court should be declared as unconstitutional. The AIMPLB made a decision to constitute a committee that would study the apex court's verdict and proffer suggestions in accordance with Islamic beliefs", Working Committee Member K Faruqui told media tonight after an AIMPLB meeting that took up the entire day and witnessed attendance by about 45 of 51 members. "Any restriction on it will amount to denying us our right to practice Muslim personal law as given by the Constitution, and it should remain intact".

A resolution was passed in this connection in a meeting of the Board's executive body held in Bhopal today.

Zafaryab Jilani member of AIMPLB from Lucknow said that they would not tolerate any interference in the community's personal law.

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Women protest the practice of instant triple talaq before it was abolished by the Supreme Court.

The committee would also be required to examine the apex court's order and identify if there are any inconsistencies in the order with sharia.

The Muslim Personal Board was of the opinion that even though instant triple Talaq is viewed as sinful, it is still considered valid. "The board has also filed affidavit to the effect that the board shall advise all the qazis, imams, maulvis that they should advise the bridegroom/man that in case of difference leading to talaq, the bridegroom/man shall not pronounce three divorces in one sitting", said the statement. "It has also resolved to take steps to ensure help to divorced women and shall urge the government to grant financial assistance to Wakf Boards for this objective", said Faruqui.

Talking to reporters, Zafaryab Jilani said they would abide by the court's judgment on the issue.